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  • The Michigan Department of Treasury and government charters require local governments to be audited. Auditing is the process of a government’s books and records being examined by an independent CPA to ensure they are compliant with generally accepted accounting standards and laws and regulations of the
    State of Michigan.

  • We can help with audits of townships, villages and authorities under Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.



  • One of the most important jobs of a government official is to monitor the financial health of the government they serve. This is achieved primarily by reading standardized financial reports. Accounting is the process of producing these standardized financial reports.

  • We can help with year-end close and preparation for
    audit, monthly financial reporting, budgeting and long-term financial planning, accounts payable management, payroll management, fixed asset management, utility billing management, and evaluating and monitoring internal controls.


  • Advisory services are often things a government cannot do on their own. They include value-added services governments don’t have time to do, don’t want to do, or can’t do for themselves. CPAs have the capacity to provide tailored advice and opinions.

  • We can help with CFO/Controllership services, human
    resource management, utilities management, community development, property tax administration, grant administration, capital improvement planning, and program evaluations.


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